Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Can Game Day be gourmet?

Did you know that after Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is the biggest food day of the year?

Think about how much time you spend dreaming about, planning for, and preparing your Thanksgiving dinner.  The big game day deserves at least a little bit of that same care and consideration.

While many people will be offering up chicken wings straight out of the freezer section or microwaved blocks of processed cheese (no judgement, we all have the occasional plastic cheese craving), the bar is set relatively low for your dish to stand out at your football party.  We’re not saying you need to prepare a seven course meal or bust out the foie gras, but just a few simple touches or twists can transform your standard bar food into something people will be dreaming about all year long instead of that Thanksgiving turkey.

Are you a big fan of dunking?

I know, wrong sport.  However, you can’t have most parties, let alone the Big Game, without a delectable, dunkable dip. This year, try out our Millionaire’s Dip which is elevated with almonds and a guaranteed to be a party favorite because bacon.  Another one of our favorites is the Stuffed Pretzel Bombs which are filled with ham and cheese served with a mustard sauce for dipping.  Such classic flavors in only 6 ingredients put together in an unexpected party-friendly handheld, pop-able way!

Have a favorite team or just love a theme?

While your friends and family will be decked out in their team colors, why not let your food represent too?  Even if your favorite team may not be one of the final two, making recipes indicative of the team’s regions will help put a fun twist on the traditional foods and help your recipes standout each year.

New England Patriots – Lobster Mac and Cheese Bites stretch gourmet ingredients like lobster and Brie cheese with affordable pasta to make a Northeast classic that everyone will love.

Philadelphia Eagles – Philly Egg Rolls with Provolone Dip turns the classic, regional sandwich into a handheld party food that is packed with steak, peppers, onions, and mushrooms with a cheesy sauce for dipping.

Even if victory isn’t sweet, these treats will be!

Bacon Peanut Popcorn Balls – These classic game day flavors are put into a handheld sweet treat that your guests are sure to love

Chocolate Porter Cake with Caramel Glaze and Pretzels – The flavors of this cake are like your favorite candy bar with the addition of Chocolate Porter beer to add maltiness (think a chocolate malt) with grocery store shortcuts to make an easy but impressive treat

Grapefruit Radler Bars – The classic lemon bar gets a Sunday Funday twist with the addition of grapefruit beer to amp up the sweet, tart, and bitter flavors we love

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